Food Review: Halal-certified Shakey's Pizza at B1-38 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Did you know that the first pizza chain in the United States is NOT Pizza Hut or Domino's, but Shakey's Pizza? According to Wikipedia, "Founded in 1954... Currently, the stores can be found in the states of California and Washington, as well as in the Philippines, Singapore and Japan." I didn't know that until I was invited to go try them out at Lucky Plaza after they opened in Singapore 11 months ago in September 2022. What's more they are halal-certified, which is definitely the right move for our multi-cultural Singapore!

Here's the pizza menu. Yes, there's Hawaiian. Prices start from $18 for a regular classic thin crust pizza (+$6 for hand-tossed), which isn't too bad! 

They also serve fried chicken, mojos, which is battered and fried potato slices as well as "spaghetti" that is similar I believe to the Filipino style instead of the Italian ones.

Here's two pieces of fried chicken with rice (S$8.90) and some mojos to start! The mojos were quite interesting - salty and umami fried texture and fluffy potato insides with a sort of ranch sauce on the side. But TBH I think it might be a cultural dish because I don't see myself craving for it. 3/5

On the other hand, the fried chicken was incredibly tasty with the crunchy skin and juicy chicken meat. It was just maybe 15% saltier than what I would have liked but that's why there's some rice and gravy! I didn't eat the rice, knowing I have a pizza to tackle as well. 4/5

I chose the Hawaiian regular thin crust pizza to try (S$18). It came piping hot and fresh from the oven after the team assembled it on the spot. The crust was thin and superb as a base for the pineapples and chicken bacon slices with a cheesy base. Very simple but satisfying. 4/5

Shakey's Pizza is a good option if you happen to be around town and would like to eat or pick up a pizza and sides to share with family and friends all in one spot. Go try it and let me know how it goes!

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Shakey's Pizza
B1-38 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Daily 10am to 9pm (opens at 9am on Sundays)
Oddle Menu here

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