K-food Review: Bulgogi Syo at Woodleigh Mall #01-33/34, Singapore 367803

I was invited to a tasting at Bulgogi Syo recently. It is a K-BBQ brand by the Chef Chul Park, the founder of SEORAE, and it has 2 outlets in Singapore at Bugis Junction and Woodleigh Mall. They brought in Korean hot stone grilling to Singapore and I believe is a timely addition to our dining landscape that is slowly being consumed with Korean gastronomic soft power. And the queue that forms from 7+pm at the Woodleigh branch every day, including random weekdays, is testament to that! Between the 3 adults and child we had quite a spread of food, which we actually managed to finish.

Here's the menu for their specials that comes with a flambé show. Prices are super decent if you split it between 2-3 pax to share.

Here are some of their other ala carte meat items. Did you know that bul means fire, gogi means meat, and syo means show? So the name of the restaurant is basically Fire Meat Show.

There's also an extensive pork and chicken menu. What's new is their Oyster Blade Bulgogi that's marinated for over 24 hours, the Duroc Pork Belly and the Spicy Baby Octopus.

There's also a drinks menu and one-for-one promo for Terra beer which is only $6.90. Prices are really reasonable, though this family-friendly mall is definitely not really a drinking venue.

They have a small self-service sides counter where one can pick up some kimchi, pickled radish and some sweet macaroni potato salad thing (this one is a bit too sweet, can skip). We started with some cheese Steamed Egg, which was super fluffy and comforting. We also had a bowl of hot steaming kimchi jiggae (in the background) which was super flavourful and packed with generous ingredients. In fact, this is probably what I'll come back for if I am dining solo for lunch!

To make the perfect Fire Meat Show, they had a unique 3-step process of SEAR, TORCH and FLAMBÉ. Once they seared the meat on their hot stone pans at the kitchen, they use these huge-ass Fire Blasters to torch the meat up to 1,400 degrees to create that char and smokiness on the meat.

Then comes the flambé, which basically had some type of alcohol heated up and poured over the meat at your table. The heat is real so one must be careful not to lean forward too much!

We chose the Triple-Meat Mixed Combo (S$65 - yes you heard right but its for 2-3 pax) and comes with 550g of LA (beef) galbi, pork collar and chicken. It also comes with free jiggae (we picked the kimchi one) which was one of our favourite dishes that night, so it is worth it! The 3 meats is also accompanied by a similarly sized plate of veggies (beansprouts, pumpkin slices, kimchi and a fried egg). The marinate on the meat was really well-done - not overly sweet or cloying and just enough to bring out the flavours of the perfectly charred meat! I would 100% recommend this if you are here as a group of 3 or 4. 4/5

We also had the Wagyu Tteokgalbi (S$29.90), which is basically hamburg steak on hotplate. It came hot and sizzling, since the team had been using the mega torch on it. TBH amongst all the meat, this was the one I didn't enjoy as much because I found the texture of the meat to be quite disparate and not as juicy or bouncy as I had expected of wagyu. 2/5

We ended with some flambé spicy cheese chicken (S$) which wasn't spicy at all. They came over and blowtorched the cheese to give it a good melt, and that was fun to watch as well. The chicken chunks were juicy and tender, and this was such a easy dish to enjoy. 4/5

Because of all the flambe near and around you plus the extensive meat grilling, you will smell quite strongly of the restaurant and meat when you leave. So if you are ok with that (you're going home to shower right after type), and if you are looking for a different kind of Korean BBQ experience at an affordable price point, give this a go!

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Bulgogi Syo
11 Bidadari Park Drive, #01-33/34 The Woodleigh Mall, Singapore 367803
Daily 11.30am to 9pm (except Sat/Sun closed 3-5pm)
Walk-ins only

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