A 2024 Guide to Singapore: Where to eat, go and tips

Hey everyone! I made this for my Lemon8 account and thought I will post it here in case anyone is in Singapore for the first time and would like some recommendations from a born and bred local, and a foodie at that. Singapore can be slightly overwhelming at times but its best to take it easy and not pack too many things to tire yourself out!

First, here's the Singapore MRT map pdf download, since our MRT is the best way to get around.

Must eat food in Singapore include all the hits: chilli crab, laksa, nasi lemak, sambal stingray with satay and chicken wings.

There's also things like fried kway teow noodles, mee siam, kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs and kopi/teh, prata and briyani. You can go to www.visitsingapore.com to read up! Oh I forgot to include Chicken Rice. But it is not really a super must-try IMO!

Here are some top hawker centres which have a lot of our iconic dishes. It is listed in my personal favourite order, I think.

And here are suggestions for must-visits, depending on the time you have here. I would recommend the Marina Bay water front free show in the evenings if you can, it is really nice there. 

Here are some other tips. Hope you found this useful and feel free to share the post with friends!

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