Brazilian BBQ Review: Casa Brazilia at 25 Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088333 did not disappoint!

I was invited to try out the 1.5h freeflow Brazilian BBQ buffet at Casa Brazilia, a relatively new authentic Brazilian churrascaria near Outram Park MRT. Since it had been eons since I've had it (most recently in Brazil). I was also particularly attracted after finding out that Casa Brazilia has an 100% halal kitchen with MUIS certified meats so the food's Muslim-friendly, but they had to set up a bar and sell alcohol because of that area. But I think it's great that they are inclusive that way.

The restaurant was really classily decorated like we're in a art museum (but not stuffy), which I love. I remember the decor in churrascarias in Brazil looked more like canteens and food halls, so this decor is much appreciated.

When I saw Guarana (S$8.50) on the drinks list, I couldn't contain myself! It's been so long since I've seen and had the Brazilian national soft drink made from guarana fruit. For some reason I kept thinking its like sparkling apple, turns out its actually thecherry-like guarana fruit found in the Amazon that's the image on the can. So of course I had to order it. 

Also because their national cocktail, the Caipirinha, is quite dangerous for me to drink, because I tend to get quite high from it (love it, though!)

We had 7 starters to share, including the coxinha (chicken potato balls), really superb garlic bread, tangy appetising tomato soup, fries, salad, banana empanadas and my favourite, the chewy pao de queijo! Ah, much memories. I wish I had more when I was so far away there.

On to the meat! Here's a quick summary of my thoughts as we ate. It's cool that we all got a pair of mini tongs, or kiap, to catch the meat as it was shaved off the main skewer. The friendly servers will go around each table, just like in Brazil, to offer up different meats to diners.

1. Beef hump: A bit too tough for me 

2. Beef ribs: Too salty but super tender and the meat fell off the bone

3. Mushrooms: Surprising good and juicy as a counterpoint for the beef

4. Picanha: Best cut of the night, really beefy and soft with that gorgeous medium rare doneness 

5. Chicken sausage: Super well seasoned, smokey flavour

6. Chicken heart: Bouncy texture, no gaminess, actually pretty delicious!

7. Chicken thigh: It was the size of a baby's fist and yet so juicy and fatty it held up its own. 

8. The duck: It might just be my favourite or tied with the picanha for the night. It was dripping with juiciness and did not taste gamey at all.

9. Zucchini: It was really good too, I think their vegetables actually bring about a nice contrast to the meat

10. Roasted pineapple: The piece de resistance of the Brazillian BBQ buffet. The roasted pineapple had a layer of caramalised cinnamon sugar crust and was juicy and not too sharp. It was just fantastic as a break in between the different meat. What a brilliant idea.

11. Garlic sirloin: It was so garlicky I think I'll be safe from vampires!

12. Grilled halloumi: This grilled cheese was good too, that squeaky texture is just so unique.

13. Leg of Lamb: It had mint jelly on the side and it was lamb-y in a that's my nature sort of way and not because it didn't take a shower. This is high quality and a must-try if you are a lamb lover, so worth it!

I was so stuffed at the end but my friend had another round of the picanha because its so good.

I'll totally recommend this buffet ($79++ for adults, $25++ for kids <9 years) for anyone who's a meat lover, especially if you all are looking to celebrate a special occasion. 

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Casa Brazilia
25 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088333
Tuesdays to Sundays 5.30pm to 10pm
Sat-Sun 12 to 2.30pm lunch
Closed on Mondays
Reserve on Quandoo

Thanks to Casa Brazilia for the invite!

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