Food Review: Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant at 2 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069247

Went to try the somewhat newish (opened Oct 2023) and a bit out of the way Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant a few months ago for a weekend lunch. Given how it was so highly rated on Google, I had somewhat high expectations. Plus, the prices were not that pedestrian either. The place in terms of decor was definitely a cut above the typical K-BBQ along Tanjong Pagar, being quite luxe and premium.

We went upstairs and had the entire second floor to ourselves, which turned out to be slightly bad thing because service was.. non-existent. We had to order via the QR code and stuff came quite slowly. The AC was also quite weak, which made the experience a little less comfortable. 

Here's the menu, which included many hot starters that were not your typical K-BBQ fare, such as the Pan-Seared Foie Gras, Vongole, Lobster Thermidor and Seasonal White Asparagus. And matcha churros for dessert. I guess it is slightly confusing that a restaurant named after a Korean middle-aged woman does not really have dishes representative of such a demographic. Regardless, at least there's still Korean Fried Chicken and Korean Pancakes!

In the grilled selection we have the typical beef (US Prime, Wagyu) and Spanish Iberico pork. Here we chose to go for 2 of the Pork Ajoomma Set (S$66) amongst the 7 adults and a kid. The set came with 3 types of Iberico pork - the Collar (150g), Belly (150g) and Jowl (150g). Each set comes with soybean paste soup (beef/seafood) or kimchi soup (tuna/pork) as well as steamed egg and free flow of banchan and fresh vegetables.

Here's the lovely pork platter. Unfortunately we have to cook the meat ourselves over the charcoal grill. Still, no complaints over the meat, they taste really fresh and not porky at all. I'll get this pork trio a 4/5 but the free steamed egg was too salty and the kimchi soup we got was very forgettable.

Pro K-BBQ tip, go with people who like to do the cooking and know how to do it!

We also got the Korean Fried Chicken (S$39) for whole basket of it in original. I was quite disappointed by this TBH. It was quite dry and not really well-fried or seasoned. Definitely a MISS. 1/5

The other highlight for me was the Kimchi Pancake (S$26). This was super crispy and flavourful and every bite was an umami delight. It was super addictive and goes really well with the sauce. Was quite surprised by this. 4/5

Overall, I was not very impressed by Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant. Perhaps it was the inattentive and brisk service, the less than comfortable experience, or the inconsistency of the food (fried chicken, steamed egg) which left me wanting for more. Only the pork bbq and kimchi joen saved the day. If you go, do manage your expectations!

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Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ
No 2 &, 4 Gemmill Ln, Singapore 069247
Daily 11am to 11pm
Reservations by calling 8789 8650

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