Food Review: Home-based SauceCodeSG 辣味王 chilli here to zhng up your meals!

Those of you who know me might know that I'm only a health kick recently, starting from taking up Personal Training every week, to trying to eat clean with a high protein low carb diet. So it was perfect when I found out that my friend's started a home-based business selling his dad's chillis and he passed me all 3 to try because I could use it to spice up the never-ending meals of chicken that I'm eating.

They are namely the Chicken Rice Chilli (S$9), Sambal Belacan (S$9) and the Dried Shrimp Chilli or Hae Bee Hiam (S$12). 

Credit: @saucecodesg Instagram

I can attest that every single version is spicy (as in HOT) but not killer such that they will deaden your tastebuds or make you feel pain. The Chicken Rice chilli has a bit of a tang and ginger while the sambal belacan is not as sweet as those commercial ones out there. My favourite though had to be the Hae Bee Hiam, which had such intense shrimpy flavour. I used it for my Yummybros frozen meals regularly.

Just a small dollop is enough to flavour my entire meal. And bring a small sweat to my brow.

I mixed it in to the basil chicken (plain) mince and brown rice with cabbage. And it instantly levelled up my meal. It was spicy, full of fragrant shrimpy flavour and salty enough to bring everything to the forefront.

 TBH I think this is a great jar to get a taste of home if I were travelling for a longer time in Europe, or if I was staying someplace for more than 2 weeks. It can be added to almost anything! Here's the price list.

Credit: @saucecodesg Instagram

If you love cooking or is just a sauce fiend or flavour addict, I would highly recommend you snag one or all 3 of them chillis by emailing or send their IG @saucecodesg a DM to pre-order! (tell him you saw my blog post!) 

Thanks to SauceCodeSG for sending me the chillis to save me from bland-ness!

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