PHILIPS Airfryer: Matcha Nutella Zebra Cake Recipe

August 18, 2014

So, I have a PHILIPS Airfryer. What do I do with it? That's the question on my mind. Sure I can fry stuff (with 80% less oil!) and even roast stuff (after all it works like an oven)... and then it led me to think, so can I bake with it? And that's when Steph suggested the Matcha Nutella Zebra cake, from a recipe she found online at Baking Taitai. I had a look at the recipe, and found it easy enough so I bought ingredients for it speedily, and experimented! 

The results were amazing and beyond my expectations.

I really just followed the recipe to the T, except I did not use fancy french butter and took 45-50 minutes to bake it at 160 degrees. Use a chopstick to poke it and if it comes out dry, it's ready. The timing will vary. 

Here are some 'behind the scenes' shots:

Layering the green and brown batter takes a bit of skill. My mum helped me with it!

And here's how it looks, from the PHILIPS Airfryer. I got my baking tin from FairPrice for $3.50? It's not a big one, but enough.

And the final product. Ain't it pretty? 

And I did it a second time, within ONE hour I had it made and baked.

And that concludes my experiment, proving that I AM A BAKING GODDESS.

Thanks to the PHILIPS Airfryer of course. Anything is possible!

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  1. I just tried this yummy recipe from your blog and it has come out really yummy!! :)
    This is my first cake bake and I am quite happy with the outcome...
    Thanks for sharing this easy recipe :)
    Jan Benecke