Food Review: Wine & Chef at 7 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089115

July 15, 2018

Wine & Chef is a relatively new mid-range priced Italian establishment at the not-so-mid-range district of Keong Saik Road, which makes it all the more attractive. Then there's the claim of delicious pastas, which of course prompted us to go check it out. So we did on a random Tuesday evening, and found the place desirably deserted (about 30% occupied). Yes! No hype train! Fingers crossed that they don't shut down after 6 months due to that though. I was quite surprised to read that it is Hokkien x Italian, but that seemed to be at the start for the menu is now decidedly western.

We had some Brillat Savarin cheese (S$9), bread and honey to start which was really good. My companions also ordered some shrimp paste chicken mid-joint wings (S$10) which I missed out on due to exercise. Haha. However I was there for the mains, which was in one word, decent. 
Here's a look at their menu'.
Wine & Chef Menu

My friend ordered from the "filler" section of the menu - the Salmon “Risotto” (S$20) which had soy and coriander cured salmon fillet with mascarpone barley risotto. It was nothing to write home about but still pretty good, with the interesting barley grain as risotto instead of the usual arborio. 3/5

Another friend had the Scallops Capellini (S$28) that featured cold capellini, soy truffle dressing, cured kelp, scallops and caviar. Really pricey due to the seafood and caviar, which I though is rather unexciting. I would rather a capellini that's maybe $22, but with cheaper items like jellyfish or edamame peas, haha. 3/5

I ordered the Carbonara (S$21), which according to the menu, was made with spaghettini with truffle butter sauce, parma bits, parmesan, egg confit (??? it's just onsen egg) and crispy parma ham. This was good, even though by the end it got too watery probably due to the lack of proper emulsification between the fat and the water. Still, as someone who has attempted to cook carbonara, I understand how difficult it is to pull this dish off. 3/5

We also had the pasta of the day, the crayfish spaghetti. Can't remember the price, but this was pretty tasty as well for fans of crayfish. The pasta texture was a little bit soft, but not overcooked. 3/5

My protein eating friend ordered the Pork Collar (S$33), which was pan-roasted Iberico pork shoulder with apple and thyme brandy compote, pomme puree (pork rind)

Last, I ordered a Venere rice pudding (S$10) which had black rice (aka pulut hitam), pistachio paste, caramel crumble bits and vanilla ice cream. It was quite yummy but I felt a bit cheated after ordering (because where is the venere??). Still, no complaints because its a bit of that local taste, elevated. 3/5

In general, Wine & Chef is decent. Everything was executed in textbook style of "how to cook food for a restaurant". Nothing particularly inspired, but nothing terribly bad about it either. I would recommend it still because for the price and location, and ability to absorb big groups or even intimate pairs without giving you a headache.

Wine & Chef
7 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089115
11am to 11pm, closed on Sundays
Reserve on Chope

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