wingiee is my darling

Blogged previously about the time Wing came back to Singapore for a quick visit. Just downloaded all the photos from her, so now, more photos! Heh.

OMG and the new Flickr is so good! The pics are bigger, and now they make it easier to grab the HTML so I cut and paste them *manually* into my blog. See the trouble i take to blog? Its not as easy as it looks!

Here's us at Coffee Club Taka. Notice the very smooth skin. Her camera has a Magic Skin mode that gives us 100% perfect complexion. I like!



Her iced rambutan and a pair of eyes.

My peach mojito and her iced rambutan are friends too!

Garlic prawn pasta. Always. so. damn. good.
Garlic Prawn Pasta @ Coffeeclub

After that we went on a journey! Other than shopping in town, wing also had craving for local food, so where better to go than a foodcourt? Specifically the one at 313 Somerset, which has a wide selection of high quality local food in the comforts of aircon and good ventilation. One of my favourite foodcourts!

The ba chor mee is really really good. OK maybe not the best, but its above average at least and in the super competitive space of local food, it means something!
Ba Chor Mee @ 313 Foodcourt

Some ba kut teh, the white pepper soup type. Very satisfying.
Ba Kut Teh @ 313 Foodcourt

Whoops! Me!
  1. What brand of camera is that? It really looks flawless man! I want to buy - am on the lookout for a new camera anyways :) Let me know pleaseeeeeee! :p

  2. its the casio exilim! the most recents one all come with this function haha.

    BUT. actually the colours are not that intense, i would go with canon s90 + photoshop :P or the olympus Olympus PEN E-PL1 (not EP1). That has a smooth skin function called e-portrait mode too, see xiaxue's blog post on it.