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Friday night at bugis

we met up to celebrate pk's birthday on fri w dinner at Shuang yuan, desserts at ah chew n drinks at mos. bugis wad filled to the brim with young people. and we overheard a marriage proposal in a pub we passed by. the guy was shouting really fie…

blogging via iPhone

blogging on the iphone via email with image attachments is much better than using blogpress app which costs 2.99usd!

Japanese Graffiti Series

One of my favourite music series to play when i was in symphonic bands, the melodic and pleasant japanese graffiti series. the tokyo kosei wind symphony is also like the default best band to play any of these songs. their music is always so precise, …

The Bed Intruder Song

ho my god i can't believe i haven't seen this till now, but fo sho its hilarious. hahaha. Watch the first clip first. THEN the 2nd clip. Antoine Dodson, you're a rap star in the makin'. someone get the 411 on this guy.

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