French Food Find: Bistro du Vin at Shaw Centre, Singapore

Celebrated my darling friend's birthday 2 Fridays ago at Bistro du Vin, a charming little french bistro by the Les Amis Group at Shaw Centre facing the Pacific Plaza. I've walked past that place several times, always wondering if the food there is any good and finally there's an opportunity to taste it since Wing wanted to have French cuisine!

Our first choice was Le Bistro du Sommelier, but unfortunately it takes a week of reservation in advance if you want to get a proper timing instead of at 9.15pm, which was offered to me. So we went for Plan B - walk in to the bistro du vin! We were lucky to get a walk-in table because the place was fully booked and they managed to find a free table for us.

The place was decorated very much like a classic french bistro, which adds to a certain ambience. It was a bit too noisy as the crowd came in though, but that can't be helped.

Here's the birthday girl!

We didn't have to wait long for the food -- perhaps that's because we told the kind waitress that we have to leave in an hour to catch a movie, which is true.

The baguette served to us was quite divine, crusty on the outside and soft inside. Quite addictive but we didn't want to have more or it will spoil our appetite!

Our food came really swiftly! We ordered escargots ($15) to share, and I had the coq au vin while Wing had the beef cheek. As you can see in the background, the escargots were served with the shells itself, not in those indented dishes. The garlic herb butter was quite satisfying, though I won't say it managed to infuse the meat thoroughly. Could be better.

The coq au vin ($33) itself was quite amazing. Tangy with the wine reduction, I even found some 3-layered pork among the savory gravy - seems quite Chinese styled cooking, almost. It's like a chicken stew with the meat melting off the bone very easily. The carrots were also super soft. 

The main dishes are all served with a separate pot of mashed taters, which is simply amazing. It was finely mashed, and the potato fragrance managed to linger. Perfect combination with the salty gravy.

Here's wing's beef cheek in red wine ($33) with the same other ingredients as mine. The beef cheek was also melty and soft while retaining the beef taste. Heavenly!

I also liked how all the dishes are served in "pots" - makes it very home-styled and authentic, less chi-chi like your typical haute française cuisine!

Here's me and the birthday girl after being completely stuffed after 40 mins. Yay!

Overall, I would recommend this place for a casual but still good dinner - the dishes are on the slightly pricey side, but just convert them into Euros and you'll feel fine. C'etait bon! I would love to go back and try more of their food, especially their desserts too. 

Bistro du Vin
1 Scotts Road, #02-12 Shaw Centre, Singapore 238868 
Tel: +65 6733 7763
Daily: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6.30pm–10pm

Menu [PDF]

  1. loved the new profile pic on blog! and i wanna go french bistro too!