Event Report: Bandung Indonesia 2-Day Trip

Thanks to Steph, I had the fortune to visit Bandung, Indonesia for a short 3D2N trip last week. It was kindly sponsored by AirAsia and organized by OMY.SG. I was also lucky enough to be able to get away from work because it was a *relatively* quiet week.

On the Day 1, after arriving at the miniscule airport (read about the flight experience on Steph's), we went straight to a man-made lake, then a volcano crater (no, it wasn't at all Lord of the Rings) and a tea plantation before checking into our hotel in the "art deco/western style" district.

On Day 2, we went for an awesome brunch at Hummingbird (review here!), filling our tummies before we fill our other appetite - for SHOPPING! I think next to Bangkok, Bandung would be the best alternative to get clothes at an affordable rate already! Check out Steph's post about our buys!

Now, some pictures and captions.

Day 1

The Floating Market. Quite idyllic. Had our lunch there.

Followed by the volcano crater! Even if it looks pretty, try to imagine the smell of rotten eggs (sulphur) that goes with it. And 21 degrees wind. Still, it was quite cool when we first went to the fence and looked down. Totally didn't expect it.

Lifestyle bloggers Estelle and Agri were part of the tour group too, and they rented albino horses for a quick ride. The taller horse is called GaGa, very trendy.

The tea plantation was our last stop. Steph's face, introduces it all.

Our hotel, Gino Feruci, is in the "Braga" district, which has really cool architecture that made me feel like I'm walking down some streets of New York.

The room. Small and cosy. By then we were bushed! (But not before going to the convenience store nearby to buy Qtela Cassava aka Singkong chips and Tora Bika coffee.)

Day 2

Decided to go for nice brunch. Hummingbird Eatery was probably the best place I've eaten at during those two days. And perhaps the month, to be honest. Check out my review of it soon!

Next, shopping. It was surprisingly good. So good, I bought too much. That's because my maths is really not that good, and the conversion is so difficult to calculate! Excuses..

Here's the list of places we went to, in case you wanna go. 5 stars means great. Zero means don't bother. 

Jl. Setiabudi
- Rumah Mode *****
- Mode Plus *
- Fashion World ***

Jl. Dago
- Anthropology **
- Grande ***

Jl. Riau
- Heritage 
- Summit *
- Cascade 

This was what I ended up with. SGD400 of STUFF OMG WTF WHY DID I SPEND SO MUCH.

We also took a public bus that we hopped on to get from Area 1 to to Area 2 for like 30 cents sgd. Steph's usage of Bahasa really helped a lot. One thing we realized - it's actually not as easy to get a good taxi in Bandung as you would in BKK or SG for example. There are also a lot of rogue taxis that charge a minimum 20,000 Rupiah even if they have the meter on (which starts at 5,000 rupiah). We just paid anyway.

Then we had super awesome street food - the BASO MIE. Which means meatball noodles. The soup was clear chicken stock, has the umami flavour, chicken feet (yucks no), a big juicy meatball and tofu (they love tofu).

We had 2 bowls of noodles, one with sweet sauce and one with pepper/clear seasoning. Steph preferred the sweet one, but I liked the clear one!

We also tried the fried tofu and wanton dumplings from a street stall nearby. It was quite tasty too. They really liked their fried tofu because they sell it everywhere.

Then, as our shopping dwindled due to quality of shops, we decided to go back to the hotel as dusk approaches. We then came out a short while later for our pre-dinner snack. It was supposed to be our tea time plan, but we were there at 7pm. Oops.

The cafe is called SUGARUSH. With a name like that, do you already know what they sell?

Love the interior and decor! It is literally 3 doors down from the hotel.

And they sell pastries and sweet things. Of course. Apparently famous for churros, macarons and rainbow cake. Also, look at the Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

And here is the famous rainbow cake. Had to take so much pictures because if I am eating all that stuff, I better milk the prettiness out of it. The sign on the cake says "Diet? Forget it!" Very apt, don't you think? 

It was surprisingly good though. Tasted like vanilla, very uniform flavour and soft chiffon texture. The cream coating was also pleasant enough. We finished it :O

The food there is not pricey at all. The churros we ordered were quite good, though it would be better if there was cinnamon! 

Finally we went to Kampung Daun for dinner. It was located ONE HOUR away from the city - but had a very chill Dempsey vibe to it when we got there (after rickety roads and potholes). It was also significantly cooler than the city.

 We ordered some local food - they were great, but if we had a local we might have ordered even better dishes!

Day 3

The next morning, our flight was delayed, so we did what 2 people stuck in an airport with 2 hours to spare during lunch time would do - we fled immigration (they kept the passport they have already stamped with the "exit" chop), hailed a taxi and told the driver to go to the nearest KFC. LOL.

It was really yummy by the way, though not like our chicken is that bad. Theirs is just better.

When we got back to the airport, we found that AirAsia had arranged for everyone to have a McChicken (not the burger) drumstick/thigh meat with rice lunch box. How thoughtful! It was also very dericious, perhaps even more so than KFC!

A short 1.5 hour flight later, we touch down to see THIS. #sghaze, welcoming us with its PSI 300.

Despite the haze, it still feels great to be home. I feel so blessed to be able to experience Bandung like no other though. What a trip!

Read my review of Hummingbird Eatery here!

  1. Didn't know Bandung can be that interesting. Haha you spent $400 in the outlet, that's a lot. The epic thing is you even show your lingerie buy in the pic keke.

  2. The fried tofu and wantan dish is called Batagor. :)

    Btw, on Braga Street, you should visit Braga Permai or Sumber Hidangan for your tea time snack. Both have been in business since 1920s. :) For the former, go for their ice cream and pastries. As for the latter, you can nibble on their savoury snacks.