5 signs you are in a hipster cafe

My colleague was just jokingly telling me about how hipster cafes all have a few things in common and I realized that that is actually an acute observation!

Besides being having a really 'indie' sort of name, and sometimes having mediocre overpriced food (rant here), we have identified 5 other things that hipster cafes have in common. If you can hit at least 3, congratulations you are in a hipster cafe.

 1.  Naked bulbs 

Stranger's Reunion at 37 Kampong Bahru Road
Bravery at 66 Horne Road
2. There's a bicycle somewhere

Photo source: TimeOut Singapore
3. Irregular or vintage furniture

Bravery at 66 Horne Road
Carpenter & Cook at 19 Lorong Kilat
Coffee Art Design Cafe at Haji Lane
4. Indie magazines for casual perusing. 
Bonus if Monocle/Wallpaper is in the bunch.

Maple & Market at 34 Cassia Crescent

5. Located in an ulu area. 
Especially if you can't tell it's there unless you know.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware at 150 Tyrwhitt Road
Perhaps its cheap rent, but I suspect it is done much on purpose. Difficult to find or get to, you need to know its there to find it so you get a sense of accomplishment when you discover it. You will never find it in town (sorry Oriole) or somewhere 'obvious'.

Bonus: Chalkboard signs (not all have it), Kith Cafe is one of them.

Geisha Specialty Coffee at Burlington Square
Common man, the plain, bravery, loysels, cshh, necessary provisions, jewel, liberty, department of caffeine, drury lane, jimmy monkey, penny university, la ristrettos, stranger's reunion, 40 hands, commune cafe, working title, smitten..

These are the few of cafes I've tried that came to mind that roughly fits the criteria. Of course there's more, but I felt like some of them are more cakes/pastries centric while some of them too accessible or franchised (e.g. Toby's).

What do you think? Did I miss anything out?

  1. lol excellent acute observation. Like, I'm too indie to bother putting the lightbulb in a lamp. And here's the eco friendly bicycle I cycle everywhere.

  2. Irregular or vintage furniture sometimes equates to uncomfortable... like at the Bravery...Hipster but not comfortable.