[CLOSED] Food Review: Pasta Supremo at Suntec City, #01-365, Singapore 038983

Update Dec 2020: They are closed, along with the Salted Plum outlets :(

I was intrigued when I went to Suntec City and saw a new signboard for Pasta Supremo in late January. Since then I have been trying to find out what the reviews were like, but realised it was only opening after Chinese New Year! Seemed like it was from the same Singaporean folks behind Taiwanese-themed The Salted Plum at 10 Circular Road which I love so I knew I had to check it out! It turned out that I went on their opening night on Friday 22 Feb 2019, which was somewhat fortunate and not at the same time.

OK to get there it might be a bit tricky from the inside, but they are opposite the Gudetama Cafe, which you can see when you exit the MRT station (one of the exits). The place itself wasn't that big, and the first thing you see when you go in is it's FREE SEATING. So every man for themselves! The next thing that will hit you, is the smell of the kitchen. Yup, the ventilation isn't great. You know you'll smell like grease when you walk out so this is definitely not advisable for lunch. But for a Friday dinner, it's fine :P But still, a pet peeve that I hope they will sort out.

Next you'll realise that you've to order at the counter yourself. There's no GST however, only 10% service.

There's a variety of HANDMADE pastas in different hues of blue, grey and green,which is pretty interesting. And they don't really try to confuse you with their names, instead when you order you just choose long, short or curly depending on which type you like and what sauce you are getting (if its creamy, get the curly or short so it grabs on better!)

Here's the menu. You can choose between pre-made combos called the Haus Pasta, or assemble your own pasta dish, which is similar to Tipo (which I blogged about)! Click on the menus to enlarge in a new window so you can decide what to get!

In the pasta combo list, there are 3 types of pasta, 4 types of sauce and 12 types of protein plus many add ons. 

We only ordered 2 Haus Pasta but am itching to go back to try their sides like the Chicken Skins and Wagyu! Plus the Stuff on Bread, for brunch. Soup of that day was a miso something..

Here's what I got - the Prawn Aglio Olio (S$20) with curly pasta (grey because of activated charcoal!) tossed in Sichuan garlic oil, garlic prawns, lapcheong (Chinese sausage) crumble and tobiko. And I think there's duck fat in there as well. Regardless, it was very delicious and not too oily. The first thing that hits you is the Sichuan peppercorn but it wasn't too numbing. The lupcheong added sweet, meaty pops of flavour and the prawns were passable. The tobiko looked nice and probably added some saltiness to the dish. Overall very easy to gobble up cos it is so delish! 4/5

My friend ordered the Carbonara, but not really (S$18). This took over 30 minutes to arrive after ordering (about twice the time it took for mine). The kitchen was obviously overwhelmed. This deducted a huge point off the place, but I wouldn't complain since it was their opening night. The pasta itself was tossed in a 3-mushroom creme sauce which tasted like intense mushroom soup, with some bacon and 24-month aged parmigiano reggiano cheese shavings and a bit of pickled baby onions at the side. It was super un-photogenic compared to the aglio olio but tasted very comfort-foodish, like a well-made mac and cheese. My friend thought it could get a bit 'gerlak' (surfeit) if one person were to have the whole thing. I could taste why. To me I think I could take it, but I wouldn't necessarily want to choose this out of all the dishes as it is a little one-dimensional. 3/5

Overall Pasta Supremo had its hits and misses. The hits are their interesting, fusion done right flavours and play on pasta that is handmade and the flexibility of building your own pasta. The misses are the ventilation and the kind of combination that might not be right for first timers and hopefully the slow wait time is just a one-off.
I'll be back to try the rest of the dishes on a weekday night in a few more months when the hype died down from the NOC Foodking video!

Pasta Supremo
Suntec City, #01-365, Singapore 038983
Daily 9am to 9pm

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