Bubble Tea Intel: Woobbee Singapore 2020 Menu

If I were to rank bubble teas in Singapore, it will be a tough choice. I love Kungfu tea for its "value for money"-ness, Tiger Sugar for their awesome pearls, Playmade for their custom flavours, but Woobee will definitely be in top 3 for their wonderful and innovative teas like its Pi Pa Gao or Herbal Mint Milk Tea, or just regular Milk Tea with grass jelly topping. The pink grapefruit green tea (currently OOS) is also a favourite of mine especially after work out classes where we will walk to Chinatown Point or Tanjong Pagar Plaza to get some. Their 3rd branch is at Shaw Tower along Beach Road. And all their teas only use raw sugar, which is good! I also like the environmental consciousness of Woobbee, and their design aesthetic. 

Anyway, here's their menu as of April 2020 for in-store orders from their Facebook Page (delivery platform menus are slightly more limited and priced differently). They have a custom app site for ordering/delivery which is less customisable, but they are also on Deliveroo or Foodpanda. Note: As of 22 June, these are not available until July: Pink grapefruit, ice blended, fruit fruits (apple/orange), pudding topping.

My favourites have been mentioned above - what's yours?

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