Fruit Review: Durian delivery from in Singapore

Durian, even though termed the King of Fruit, is probably the most divisive fruit out there. You love it or hate it. However, unlike most people, I certainly don't hate it but I also don't love it to its core. Yet the craving will hit once in a while since this fruit is so unique. There's no replicating the taste, texture or flavour combination. So when 8 Durian contacted me about trying theirs out, my answer was a resounding yes, since their crabs from 8 Crabs were such a hit

There are 3 varieties that I got. First up, the Musang King 15 Year Tree Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘A Grade’ at $21/kg (check stock here), where there's about 450g of flesh from 1.8kg of whole durians. To be honest, this was the most normal among the 3 which I would say to give a miss. Because if you are already getting a durian delivery, you might as well spend a bit more.

Spend it on this Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA Grade’ from the Pahang High Mountain Plantation (check stock here) at $23.5/kg instead. While retaining the similar size, the flesh is smoother and less 'raw' in texture, along with the signature Cat Mountain King flavour.

Also the some of the seeds from the AAA were shrunken, we call them "jiu ji" in dialect which is always good.

AND if you want to change up your durian game and really level out, shell (hur) out for the Black Gold  from the Pahang High Mountain Plantation instead (S$27/kg, check stock here). This is what all durians should aspire to be when they grow up. The valedictorian of the school. The benchmark setter. The flavour was deeply intense, while the texture managed to be even creamier than the AAA MSW. It will create this face 😳 when you eat it like it did for me, eyes widening as your brain races to figure out what just happened to those taste receptors. 

Here's me with a piece - and yes, I eat mine with chopsticks and spoon because I can't take the stale durian smell on my fingers after and this changes everything. Anyway, like I said in the beginning, if you are the sort who has occasional durian cravings, is the place you need to check out when their stocks come in daily from Malaysia at 9am and 3pm.

I highly recommend you to go get the AAA MSW or Black Gold for an indulgence. Thanks to 8 Durian for sending these to me!!

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