Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore Review 2020: Lonni Beauty Brow Studio at Yishun Wisteria Mall Singapore 768698

As some of you might know, I am a fan of having NOTHING on my face (esp. hate wearing masks, eurgh). In fact, I've gone to some lengths to achieve that with LASIK, braces and a good skincare regime (including using a silk pillowcase). And brows are an important part of that process, like I mentioned when I first started doing eyebrow embroidery in 2015. That's why it was a pleasant surprise to find out my brow therapist Lisa has now moved to a new location at Yishun's Wisteria Mall called Lonni Beauty Brow - and invited me to go back for a touch up redo.

Here's me on the way to the studio, brows undrawn! In fact I have no makeup on - only sunscreen. As you can see, my brows have faded quite a fair bit since my last touchup 3 years back! It is also reddish or even maroon in some light, which matches my brows somewhat - but not intended!

Here are the special first-time customer rates for LONNI Beauty Brow with Lisa. They also do other services like mole removal and eyebrow threading, but these are what they are known for. Prices are definitely super fair and at market rate. Most people will go for 3D or 6D - the key difference is in how fine the 'hairs' are. Powder gradient is something new - it creates a fade in effect from start of brows to end - which I experienced later with a combination of the 6D micro blading.

If you're curious about their eyelash extensions, here's the different types of eyelash grafting which Lisa is able to do as well, strand by strand! The difference in 3D and 6D is just how many 'branches' come out from each strand.

Here are the new, single-use and hygienic tools for both the powder gradient (needle, much like doing hand poke tattoos) and the 6D embroidery (blade). As Lisa explained, she had to correct the colour underneath with a green dye - hence she will need to do a powder gradient. Then the blade for the hair-like effect.

Here's me with the outline drawn - it looked bigger than the actual shape of course. As usual, Lisa took her time to really meticulously etch out the guidelines, since it is the most important and 'skilful' part of the process. It is also important if this is your first time - to consult with Lisa and come to a consensus on the style (Korean style is straighter, thicker vs natural) and shape! After all they are your brows and you have to be comfortable with them. It took about 20m for her to shape the brows for me this time. 

Then she started, first by applying numbing cream and letting them sit for 20 minutes. After that she used the blade to scrape on the skin (not painful at all). Followed by the needle to colour correct with the green dye (against red, equals brown) and then the actual brown colour. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it - the hand poking needle method (powder gradient) was a little more painful for me than the micro blading (especially since Lisa said the skin on my eyebrows' quite thin, which is true). However, most customers are able to tolerate it well. Here's the finished result after about 2 hours so do allocate that amount of time.

Here's the brows the next day. I had to sleep with a towel on the bed because of the protective gel coating which I had to apply thrice daily for a week, and of course she didn't need to say it but avoid washing that area as well at least for the first 4 days. So I had shiny, dark brows for a bit. Haha. Here it is the next day. Skin's still slightly reddish.

They were still looking pretty intense on Day 5! But I noticed some peeling that started.

Here's them after a week. As you can see, the corners have peeled off and they were pretty uneven. It was alright though since I wasn't going out much and working from home.

A full round of peeling afterwards saw much natural brows, 2 weeks after. I could go back for a touch up if I wanted to but I'm pretty happy now at the colour and not eager to experience the pain again.

Here's a side by side comparison from before to after (day 19). As you can see the shape and colour is much more defined! 

I strongly believe brows are the window frames to the soul, and I'm super happy I manage to get these redone! If you're interested to check out Lisa from Lonni Beauty Brow, drop me a DM on Instagram or email me at alexischeong@gmail.com and I can help to arrange the timing, style or answer any questions you might have!

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