Food Review: Locally made artisanal Jill's Sausages from Singapore

You guys probably might know that I don't cook much, but when I do, I like to think that I've perfected the aglio olio pasta since that's the dish that I made most often if I want to eat something that's satisfying, low in sodium and healthy while taking only 9 minutes to cook (that's the length of the pasta cooking time). So once in a while I'll think of what ingredients to chuck together with the garlic and olive oil, and found bacon bits or sausages to be the perfect salty partner in crime.

That's why I was very pleased and surprised when local sausage and deli brand, Jill's Sausages, DM-ed me and asked if I'll like to try their artisanal, fresh and locally made sausages and ham that are additives and chemical-free. I feel like that's actually a huge thing that people don't realise when they buy or eat sausages - that most of them will have some sort of preservatives or nitrates to ensure it makes the trip into our country. Even my favourite commercial brand of American sausages has it. So of course I said yes, because once I knew that there are people making fresh sausages right in this country I knew it's a no-brainer to try to see if they pass the taste test. 

Here's the gourmet sampler pack I received, all frozen and vacuum sealed for freshness! I got the Roasted Garlic Sausage (S$11), Smoked Pork Bockwurst (S$11), Hot Dog Weiners (S$10), Cheese Kransky (S$12), Smoked Sakura Chicken Ham (S$6 for 200g, sliced) and raw Smoked Thick Cut Streaky Bacon (S$9).

Here's the website and their products; I think I want to try their breakfast sausage mince and chorizo next time! 

As you can see from each of the product ingredients list - there's nothing funky. 

I was so excited to be able to level up my aglio olio pasta with these babies. I picked the Garlic Pork sausages to defrost (according to their IG, to soak for 10 minutes in not-boiling but hot water), then sliced them up into smaller chunks to cook on a Modori Goodle non-stick pan. I made dinner for me, my brother and his gf so 3 of us. Look at the herbs and fats in the sausages - obviously not processed much!

After the sausages browned slightly and became a bit bloated, I poured them out and added olive oil and chopped garlic in the same pan to cook over medium-low heat. Here I also took out my pasta which had 2 more mins on the clock to drain and saved a ladle of the pasta water (important!).

And once the garlic started to brown I added back the pasta and sausages and stirred it around while adding the ladle of pasta water so it because "saucy" with just the oil and starchy water. This is the end result!

So good - the sausages were perfectly bouncy and just the right amount of saltiness with the fragrance of the garlic blending to the ones outside. The bits of fat in the sausages also makes for super satisfying mouthfeel. You can even see the thyme and black pepper speckled in there.

Here's my plate. 100% satisfied - I think its the best meal I've made in 2022 so far!

I loved how the sausages complemented the pasta so well and I am so glad Jill's Sausages contacted me and gave me a bunch to try because I think I'm going to be a regular customer in future since the sausages are so affordably priced ($11 vs $9.85 for the commercial brand ones) too, even though its made in small batches by hand and consists only of pure quality ingredients. 

This is not sponsored of course but I really do genuinely think that Jill's Sausages are a great local startup making sausages and deli meats that are healthier, tastier, fresher with lower carbon footprint AND is a Singaporean company #supportlocal. Visit to check them out now!

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