Gadget Review: LUMOS TEMPO ANC Wireless Earbuds debuts in Singapore!

What I've concluded after reviewing quite a number of earbuds, is that every brand's earbuds is unique and have their own pros and cons. So it depends on what is most important to you and then you can evaluate what is available. That's great because technology in these babies have improved by leaps and bounds, no doubt due to the removal of headphone jacks in phones. So everyone needs a pair now, including you, so read on to find out how you can win a pair of these LUMOS TEMPO ANC wireless earbuds! Here's my full review of these earbuds retailing at S$179 on LUMOS' website (yes the projector brand I blogged about) after trying them out extensively for 1 week. I've also made a YouTube video so scroll down the end or watch it here before taking part in the GIVEAWAY.

So the package itself was quite simple - it's just the earbuds, the casing and a USB-C wire plus the user guide. There are quite a few words in the instruction guide, which I find useful to understand for example the different lights and how to activate the ANC / transparency or ambient mode plus skip songs. I really like the matte grey casing which is quite unique in the category! 

Here's how the stem looks in my ear. Cool right? The sound quality is superb for the price - it sounds full and warm, but you can still hear the mids and treble on top of a satisfying bass. I played around with the ANC as well when I was out and found it to not block out 100% of surrounding sound, which is fine because some people actually want to hear it if there's something loud around (but still be able to block out some sound!)

Sound and build quality aside, I also enjoyed the long battery life with 23 hours in-case and 7 hours playtime (doubt it is with ANC!). Still it is long enough. The mic test also gave good results - the recording was only slightly muffled but does not have any static and the volume is sufficient, since there are 6 mics! Here are the specs in case you're wondering. The only 2 downsides for me are the touch controls which was a bit tough to use (even though pairing was easy-peasy) and the ANC wasn't as strong like I mentioned. 

Overall though, the LUMOS TEMPO ANC Wireless Earbuds are a great, affordable and stylish pair of earbuds for any smartphone user looking to improve their media sound quality on the go. I would recommend it! You can also get $50 off your earbuds if you purchase a projector from LUMOS, plus limited time only free shipping so.. why wait any longer?? Check them out here.

And if you guys are looking to win a pair of the earbuds (I have 2 to giveaway), simply head to my Instagram account and comment on the LUMOS TEMPO post with the 3 pros you have heard me talk about in my video review by 19 June Sunday 7.59pm and I will pick 2 right commentators (Singapore only) at random to win the LUMOS TEMPO earbuds. Good luck!

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