Cookware review: Sodam Cookware Set, Modori Cutting Board and Ice Ball Maker!

As a digital marketer and social media consultant, having the right tools to do my job is almost as crucial as having the knowledge and experience. And it's the same in the kitchen as well if one were to cook - having the right tools will allow you to do your job as efficiently and easily as possible. And increasingly, aesthetics are also important - for example, I would choose the sleek looking Macbook over a Windows anytime because I believe it also reflects well on the person doing the job. Thus I was very glad when Modori reached out again (previously for their Goodle collection which I am still loving) to send me their aesthetically pleasing 6-piece Sodam Cookware Set and their Modori Cutting Board 4-Color Set and Silicone Ice Ball Maker to make my dream kitchen one step closer to reality. Yes even though I don't have my own kitchen to furnish, these will be with me when/if I move to a new place because they look so darn good and I love having things in sets.

Here's the product listing page on Modori's website. The Sodam Cookware Set has sold over 80,000 units and I can see why every new homeowner would want one. The set is really versatile for all sorts of dishes, and you can serve the food in the pot or pan that you cook in thanks to the removable handle, which means you can also stick them into ovens (but not microwave). And of course, the cookware is also coated in safe, non-toxic Xtrema™ ceramic coating that conducts heat 5x better than regular non-stick!

Modori Cookware website

I got the set in a big0-ish cardboard box where the items are stacked neatly inside with really good quality cardboard boxes. Even the packaging is minimalistic but premium! Also not overly packed with foam or plastic which I appreciate so much.

Here is the 24cm frying pan looking handsome at my stove. This is just the right size and height for making lots of stuff, and the advanced ceramic coatings (5 in total, over an aluminium alloy and induction plate) has high thermal induction for quick and even heat. The coating also does not scratch easily nor stain in case you are wondering.

The removable handle is such a genius ideal because everything can be stacked and stored without the handle getting in the way, and you can serve food in the pot/pan as a dish and it will look just as good. You can even stuff the pots and pan into your oven when you are not using it!

Here's all of them stacked perfectly with each other. I think I can upturn the 18cm sauce pot lid into the tall pot itself to keep it as well, then have the flat lid of the wider 22cm cooking pot cover it. As you can see it is very neat and takes barely any space. (Just also realised the domed pot lid can be overturned and used as a bowl as well. HOW NEAT IS THAT?)

There's also the Modori 4-piece chopping board set (sold 170k sets!) with 4 thin, light beautifully coloured PVC boards with a hook on a sturdy stand so you can wash and dry them easily and hygienically! The colour scheme is totally in my alley and the stand colour also matches the Sodam Cookware Set btw! You can even stick magnets at the side of the stand to put up notes, artwork, recipes..

This is how they can look together. I think.. a Modori kitchen is a beautiful kitchen.

Lastly, the Silicone Ice Ball Makers are such a cute little thing you should just add it to cart. Here they are, sitting in my parents' kitchen fridge and it instantly upgrades it a little.

The mint green, sand colour and the dusty pink and greys are just screaming a Pinterest kitchen. Ah, one day, they will be in my dream kitchen.

Thanks Modori for sending me the Sodam Cookware, Cutting Board Set and Ice Ball Makers for these are definitely great tools in both form and function to make everyone's dream kitchen a reality. To shop for these products click here and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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