Product Review: Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress For Maximum Back & Joint Relief???

 I truly believe in the law of manifestation/attraction. I say this because during the pandemic in the 2nd half of 2021, I had suffered from really bad back pain, which was a result of working from home exclusively since March 2020 and also according to my chiropractor, a culmination of working at a desk for years. Though I don't really know if thats really true because back in the office I would always be moving around quite a lot, going to office/back/lunch, getting tea, walking to meeting rooms etc. Regardless, I got sucked into paying for the chiro's services (and regretted it somewhat after). It also prompted me to be on the hunt for a good ergonomic chair (which again, serendipitously arrived for me to review) and I was looking up mattresses as well. I was actually close to going down to warehouses to try out some of them, but my back pain went away and I was too lazy to organise my life. So I forgot about changing my mattress. 

Then come October 2023, when Origin reached out and asked if I would like to receive and review their Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress. Why very much so, yes please, and thank you! That brings us to this review, 11 nights later. Psst.. scroll to the end for your S$25 discount code!

I received the Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress the very next day after placing the order (there's free same day or 2-hour express delivery, but I needed to prep my room). Checkout process was super smooth, and the guys arrived within the stated time slot from 2-6pm at about 4pm. The mattress, if you guys know, is the new type that comes rolled up in a box.

The team then lifted it onto my divan bed frame. It seemed quite heavy and I was glad they helped me with it! Opening up the package also requires some skill. Can you imagine the amount of force required to roll out a heavy spring and memory foam mattress and stuff it into plastic wrap and a box??? I was also told to wait 2 hours for the mattress to fully inflate before doing anything.

Here it is, two hours later, fully inflated and first impression was it was quite high, at 35 cm. This is their most premium mattress and provides maximum back and joint relief. According to the product page, it has won 20 over international awards including Luxury Mattress of the Year 2023 in UK and Australia, is designed in Germany and is made of 3 layers: the LumbarCloud™ pillowtop, graphite foam and up to 3000 springs!

Here are all the "ingredients" that make up the LumbarCloud™ Mattress:
✓ Up to 3000 springs for optimal spinal alignment
✓ Origin AntigravityGel™ for weightless, pressure-free sleep
✓ Origin LumbarRelief™ for for full-body recovery and relief
✓ ComfortPlus™ Titanium Springs for extra back support
✓ Graphite foam, 10x more cooling than memory foam

The proprietary LumbarCloud™ Pillowtop, designed for therapeutic support & pressure relief, was the thing that took the most getting used to, because my old mattress had been quite flat. The "divots" felt like it distributed my weight around more while being softer, but it is also firm below with very good isolation effect. It's truly very difficult to explain, so you just have to imagine, or get one yourself (there's a 120-night trial and 15 years warranty for peace of mind!) 

I had suffered a bit of insomnia during the first night with the new mattress because it took some getting used to after sleeping on the same mattress for more than 10 years. But after 11 nights, I can safely say that I've never felt more supported in my sleep, and it definitely suits my side sleeping style very much. I'll describe it as having a medium-hard base, but the pillowtop made it into a medium? I am no expert, just happy with my Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress! (click on the link to shop now)

If you would like to test it out in person instead of committing to it despite free delivery and 120-night money back guarantee, you can visit their showroom at 36 Kaki Bukit Place, #01-01 Singapore 416214. They are open from 11am to 5pm daily.

Here's my video review of the Origin LumbarCloud™ Mattress as well.

Discount code to get S$25 off: ALEXISCH25

Thanks Origin for sending me the mattress and supporting my back for at least a good 15 years!

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