Gadget Review: The LUMOS RAY V2 - best ever home projector in Singapore to date!

Time flies, doesn't it? I still remember reviewing the LUMOS RAY home projector back in January 2022 and fast forward 2 years and 4 months and I've just received the new and improved LUMOS RAY V2 (Smart) home projector, which of course I had to test it out straightaway. Btw, the LUMOS RAY was a roaring bestseller with almost 2,000+ 5-star reviews over the past 3 years. The new version is priced at just S$398 and for a limited time only you get an extra $30 off (read to the end for the code!). The price is super value-for-money if you consider their specs which would normally put it in the $1k-$2k price range.

Other than having a sleeker look, there are 2 key differences that I think will make for very compelling reasons for you to get this version. Firstly, they are the first Singaporean projector brand (#supportlocal!) to be officially Netflix and YouTube certified, which means smooth and error-free viewing on those apps. 

Secondly, the lumens level has improved from 3,000 previously to 4,500 lumens in this V2 which means it is 1.5x brighter than before. Of course it is still the same good native 1080p resolution and can go from 50 to 200 inches (woah!).

Unboxing the projector was breeze and to my delight it came in this free soft carrying case and tripod, which came in very handy for me to set it on my dresser. Another good thing is that the projector only requires a minimum of 1.5 metres distance, which makes it a great projector for smaller homes.

The carrying case is perfect for those going to Bali or an overseas resort for a holiday, or even a staycation in Singapore to beam up their favourite shows in the hotel room instead of sticking with sub-par hotel TV. You can also opt to add on a free-standing stand at just $55 (worth $105) to have the projector at the perfect height. 

Here I've set it up on my dresser. Note that the LUMOS RAY V2 is meant for home cinema and projection use and not office/document usage. Compared to the previous version, this V2 lacks the strap across on top of the projector, but looks sleeker in the brushed metal finish and has the same minimalist look. It also comes with inbuilt dual speakers so you don't even need to hook it up to another sound system (but you can with bluetooth). I like that you can even adjust the bass in the sound settings.

Once set up (super easy), you can see the official Netflix and YouTube apps. The clarity and brightness is unparalleled. There are also other apps that you can download.

Here I am just testing it out with a high def Nat Geo YouTube video. Would you look at that beauty!

You can also cast seamlessly from your Android or iPhone.

Here I am streaming Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets from my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. No problem and crystal clear.

Overall, the LUMOS RAY V2 has truly impressed me with how far technology has gone in a few years with this iteration, which is by far the best home projector I've seen. 

On top of a 1-year warranty (with option to extend), you'll also get free delivery and free HDMI cable if you purchase now. Get it at and use the code #ALEXISC30OFF to enjoy an extra $30 OFF the smart version (limited to first 20 redemptions till 31st August 2024).

Thanks LUMOS for sending the LUMOS RAY V2 to me and helping me up my home cinema!

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