Thursday, 30 September 2010

How Popular is the iPhone Anyway?

From Billshrink, via Mashable.

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

woes of a blog SEO


I am coming back to because when i change to alexischeong, it becomes virtually invisible on Google. What kind of fuckery is that? I guess 5 years of blogging does that to your URLs, they become so entrenched you won't be able to change them.

Ah well. takeko it is for now till i figure out the next solution.

Meanwhile here's an awesome photo that I took today at work of a trash bin that melted completely. Can you imagine the fumes?

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Friday, 24 September 2010

天の川が流れる月ヶ浜の夜 / 西表島[TIME LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY] 1080P

i wish i can see so many stars in the sky! the most i've seen is like what, 20?

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

My personal life, as it goes

Went for the LMXLB Steamboat Buffet recently with the primary school friends. 8KEFG66ABDE8

Good times, good food, good friends :)

Kesler is damn cute! his cheeks are unbelievably soft and bloobly! 
this is my fav photo of him, courtesy of jm.

fun photo treatment.

everyone now! this was like 1am and we're all stuffed. oh cy, angeline and kesler left first!

OK from now it's pretty random. all photos taken with my iPhone 4! I don't feel the need for another camera at all.

met Ling recently for the supperclub flea market, and then tea at the handburger! Their caesar burger is pretty awesome.





I had fondue recently at home, from a pack i brought back from Switzerland. It is damn super goood.


And now, Universal Studios! I went last Saturday with fe, elsie and da. It was last minute tickets, and qy was supposed to join us but he was hungover (HAHA).

we had express tickets, and $5 vouchers each for merchandise AND food.

The express tickets were damn shiok because we went straight to the front for ALL the rides instead of queueing like the rest. So we finished the entire theme park in 2 hours with time to spare to walk another round to redeem our drinks and ice cream! Definitely worth it to get the express tickets if you don't want to stand in line for ages waiting for a ride that lasts 50 seconds. That being said, because those rides are all so short and rather lame, its not worth it to buy the tickets at all! Just get them free if you can. haha.

We were treated to some dim sum in a hotel restaurant prior to that. Wah, very VIP, very nice :P


The Thinker in Resorts World. He must be thinking, "Why am i here? SO HOT!"

Here's me in front of the Universal Globe! I have been to the one in California, and in Osaka, so this is the third Globe :D

Of course, the other 3 took a photo too. Notice the 2 xiao za bors at the back. HAHAHA.


I purposely took another photo so i can capture the background :P

Here's Elsie and Fe at the Canopy Ride. Elsie had no idea what was in store for her in the ride. She screamed like crazy, it was hilarious.

Far Far Away! The Kingdom castle was impressive.

Too bad it is not the Disneyland Castle! haha.

In the end, Elsie bought home the red dino and named it Mazda.

The Jurassic Park ride was damn wet. I got partially splashed! My bro got entirely splashed. hurhur.

Battlestar Galactica, the star of the theme park, is still closed! Why!

The Madagascar penguins in their song and dance. Brutal to have penguins in the tropics!

The Mummy Returns indoor rollercoaster ride was actually quite fun, if not really really short. The decor's pretty impressive.

End of Universal Studios segment!

Moving on,

Burger, Bench and Bar had pretty good burgers too. Comparable to Handburger, and they are opened by the same people who did Wild Rocket.

I had it after watching Heartbreaker - a french rom-com that is really hilarious even with a predictable plot, just because its so.. french.

And I have tweeted before, but here's another cute baby I found! No maternal instincts bubbling up inside me, don't worry, but these babies just have the cutest cheeks. And Josiah was really quiet too so it wasn't annoying. This was when I went for supper at Simpang Bedok with my sister's friends. The coin prata there is really good.


Random shot of the whiteboard in french class. My teacher, etienne, is a very gifted illustrator. This was the beverage menu during our roleplaying. The other time i was late to class, and I snapped down the whiteboard instead of copying the entire thing down too! The wonders of technology.


Random shot of my new skirt from F21.

Lastly, attended a party last night at the very fashionable The Club Hotel! It was such a cool boutique hotel. It was in celebration of a very fab friend of ours and his exit from a womb :D

"Picture perfect"

Running out of the frame!

Black and White!

Les garcons et moi


Was trying to capture the dark green eyeshadow in this shot. The theme for the party was black, white and green. Um, fail, cos I have hidden double eyelids.

Today, we had lunch at daawat tandoori at upper thomson. We ordered a Gulab Jamun so vic could taste it. I remember our traumatic experiences with it in India. Man, the memories!

The gulab ball is milk curd that's soaked in very very sweet syrup. Wiki it. We were given some in India and it was the sweetest thing on earth. This version tastes more like bread soaked in syrup, which is not as bad. haha.

That dessert was replaced with a much better one at Icekimo just further down the road.

The Mao Shan Wang durian ice cream cake is really duriany. Go try it if you have a penchant for durians and ice cream!

I wore my new Havianas out today! The strap was slightly painful at the toe, but that should be fine after a while. Other than that, its really comfortable and springy! Not to mention quite unique in it's design.


OK end of post. Wow, have you seen a more disjointed one?

Thumbs up if you like!

Oh, and a kitten massage video via cuteoverload. hehe.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

don't parallel park...

here's why!

Parallel Parking from Yum Yum London on Vimeo.

My Monday couldn't possibly be worse that that dude's. Hehe.
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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Open Happiness!

Happy Sunday! Only recently discovered the 'Open Happiness' series of music videos on Youtube produced for Coca-Cola. To give some background:

Open Happiness is a global marketing campaign for The Coca-Cola Company that was rolled out worldwide in the first half of 2009, following the company's "Coke Side of Life" advertising campaign. - Wikipedia

I love all their videos! The tune was by Cee-Lo Green (from Gnarls Barkley), and subsequently local countries did their own versions based on the melody. Some was fast, some was rap, some was really quintessentially Asian. Here's the full lineup for your enjoyment! open up some happy juice now!


The Philippine version was released on April 2009. The song was performed by the five-piece band Sandwich.

Adapted to the Cantonese language for Hong Kong; the song is sung by Hong Kong pop star Joey Yung.

Singapore's version with local pop stars Derrick Hoh and Jocie Guo.

An Arabic language-version of the song was recorded by Lebanese pop icon Nancy Ajram, called "Eftah Tefrah".

Chinese version of the song was recorded by Taiwan singer and songwriter Wang Leehom.

In 2010, Taiwan singer A-Mei also recorded a version of the song.

The Canadian version of Open Happiness was recorded by Kardinal Offishall, Bedouin Soundclash, and Cœur de pirate.

Monkey Majik released their own Japanese rendition of Open Happiness. Not very Japanese eh? But it sure is odd. so maybe it IS japanese.

The Indonesian version of Open Happiness, with the title "Buka Semangat Baru (Open a New Spirit)" is sung by Ello, Ipang, and Barry from the hip-hop/rock group Saint Loco, and Indonesian-Philippines pop star, Lala.

Thai version by Tattoo Colour.

The Korean version of Open Happiness, performed by 2PM.

Not that related, but here's a really summery Australian ad based on the song:

I hope this wasn't overkill. I love it when global brands localized and each country's style comes out. Probably a really great brand case study!
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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

I know I am slow, but I fell in love with this song all over again!

Ling did an awesome cover of it today, the slow and reflective ying to bruno's yang.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

Galliano and Marsalis - La Vie En Rose

Here's a cool rendition of the classic song.
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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Never go to Oyster Bar, Collyer Quay

Just heard of my friend's dining experience at the Oyster Bar at Customs House, Collyer Quay. She wrote a review of it on, and here I repost the story in full. (also available as a Facebook note.)

"World's WORST service"

While I agree that the service from the waiters was good, the attitude of the Italian boss (presumably) was definitely on the other end of the spectrum.

The evening went pretty well - the food was good, the wine was acceptable. Until I found two flies in my wine glass, small ones but flies nonetheless. When the Italian boss walked by, I pointed out the flies casually to him.

"Look, there are insects in my glass", I said. Instead of being apologetic and offering to change my glass, the man responded with a stunner. "Well, I can't control where the flies want to go. Maybe they are attracted by your lipstick."

BTW, I don't wear lipstick but that's besides the point. I replied fine and left it at that. However, when we asked for the bill, we requested that the service charge be removed because the service really left much to be desired. The waiter said that service charge cannot be waived, which is completely ludicrous.

The Italian boss then came over and questioned why we did not want to pay service charge. When I explained (in a very calm manner) that I didn't think his attitude previously was acceptable, he became rather aggressive and said once again that he cannot control where bugs fly. By this time, I had enough of his brash behaviour and asked him why he was being so hostile when all we wanted was to remove the service charge. His response was this: "Oh now I have to apologise for being myself?"

We repeated many times that we just wanted was to pay for the food and wine (plus GST), but then he decided that he didn't want to do our business anymore and said,"You don't have to pay for the meal; I thank you for coming and I thank you for not coming ever again. Please leave my restaurant right now."

Not wanting to argue with him, we tried to pay once again but got rejected with this classy remark,"No, you don't have to pay. This is how I show my gratitude to you, for the flies and for never coming back." At which point, we left.

Needless to say, this is one restaurant I am never patronising again.

When she told me about this i was just shocked. How can anybody in the Food and Beverage line be so obnoxious and rude? Imagine you as the patron, getting such attitude for no rhyme nor reason, in a not-so-cheap restaurant too. You would expect perhaps the wine glass to be changed, or an apology or free dessert/glass of wine, and it is perfectly reasonable not to pay service charge because the "service" is a snotty reply! Just because you are Italian, or the manager/owner of a higher-end restaurant does NOT give you the right to chase anyone out for no valid reasons. And my friend was not even asking for free food -- the dining party of four is willing to pay for the meals (incl GST). The whole point of having an additional service charge is so that in cases like this (!!) you can actually not pay the service charge, or a sensible restaurant would waive it automatically for you.

What separates a restaurant with average food would be things like the service provided, and the entire dining experience. That is why some people pay through their nose to eat at expensive restaurants that sell mediocre food. Word of mouth travels. and indeed, here it will too.
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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fragrance ads are exactly like fragrances..

... they are inexplicable, ethereal, costs a bomb and star-studded. All of them just makes me go "?" after watching.

Here are the hottest 3 mini fragrance movies of summer/fall 2010, as reported by All video descriptions are taken from there.

"Famed French fashion and luxury goods house Chanel has brought on legendary director Martin Scorsese to help promote its new men's fragrance, Bleu de Chanel. Scorcese has made a sexy new commercial for the scent starring actor Gaspard Ulliel with a soundtrack by the Rolling Stones, firmly positioning it as a cologne for the young, cool, rich and beautiful – or those who think all that can be found in a perfume bottle in any case."

"Frank Miller, co-director of the super-stylish, ultra-violent 2005 film Sin City based on his neo-noir comics series of the same name, has produced a commercial for Gucci's new Guilty fragrance. The latest in a line of fashion label film collaborations, it comes on the heels of Martin Scorsese's video for Chanel's new men's fragrance that we wrote about the other day. The Gucci spot, set to debut Sept. 12, stars Evan Rachel Wood as a femme fatale with a passion for fast cars and handsome fellows, and a soundtrack by Friendly Fires. Done in the same black-and-white with slashes of color style as Sin City, the spot aims to position Guilty as the "scent of defiance". The perfume comes in a gold-colored container featuring Gucci's signature interlocking G's motif."

"Guy Ritchie's turn, directing a new movie/ad campaign for Dior Homme cologne starring Jude Law. The sexy little five-minute movie features Law at his dandified best, suit-clad and driving a curvy little convertible and cavorting with the lovely Michaela Kocianova."

So, did you go "huh?" too?
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Sunday, 5 September 2010

randomicity is what i do best

Are you ready for a mish mash of whatever news that i am going splat out on this blog post? because i am going to.

in three.. two... one...


Kylie still looks really really good. This is her new song.

Top video on youtube for the month, Eminem ft. Rihanna's 'Love The Way You Lie' is a really good MTV particularly because of the back stories of the 2 singers (abusive relationships!) and that girl looks super like Megan Fox! and that is Charlie from LOST!

(oh wow, Youtube now supports iframe embeds. That's awesome.)

Download the summer dance hits from ALi's blog now! You can view all the past compilations in that link too. I love all the pop remixes.

Lastly, a super catchy song from Ceelo Green. I like this typographic version more, but their official MV is not bad too!

Random Tech Stuff

First up, Apple held a conference and announced their brand new iPod Touch, which basically is an iPhone 4 w/o the call and sms function. So, no reception problems there, and there's hd video and camera recording! That should satisfy most people.

Then there was the iPod Nano. Which was the old nano, but with the lower half chopped off. Pretty cool but why would anyone get a screen that is so NANO? Watch the cool ad here nonetheless. I like the music (theme song in Chuck!)

Then were two new releases this week -- The iTunes 10 and Chrome 6. First up let's talk about the iTunes 10.

What I like about it:

Faster syncing with iPhone (apparently?)

What I don't like about it:

1. Icon has been changed. Horribly. Maybe because CDs are so passe? HA. But in any case, there is a fix for it here.

2. Icon colours and stoplight within iTunes have been changed. Horribly. Its all grey and emo now :( but! there is also a fix for it

3. No more custom ringtones editor. Not that it was very user-friendly.. But I chanced upon when I was googling it. It's brilliant, and it can even grab Youtube songs for you to customize into a ringtone for your iPhone!

Now, Chrome 6. I like it. There's nothing I don't like about it. It is faster, the interface is sleeker.. Go GET it. (psst. if you are still using Internet Explorer.. you should stab yourself.)

In other tech news, I've recently discovered Foodspotting. The perfect web/app service for someone like who stops everyone from tucking into food and feels a compulsive need to snap every dish when it's served. This app is like twitter + foursquare but for food. So it is super great!

Do sign up for an account, and add me!


OK this deserves an entry by itself. Because I ate super a lot recently. I'm surprised I am not fat yet.

Random links and funny videos

1. Creature found in Japanese waters. Yucks!!!

For some viral videos that has been floating around the interweb, in case you've not caught them..

2. Elephant Snack Attack!!!

3. Totoro is a horror film

4. mrbrown's version of bieber's baby.

Ok! End of post! Next up, foooooood.
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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

the slo-mo just killed me

what a brave little champ.

vid heads-up courtesy of banana.
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